Our office

What makes Walnut Creek Pediatric Dentistry different?

The Walnut Creek Pediatric Dentistry staff is specially trained to work with children as patients. We work hard to ensure that your child’s first visit, and every visit after, is enjoyable.  Our goal is to have every child know that they don’t need to be afraid to visit our office.

Our expertise, along with our ability to communicate with your child, will help instill good oral hygiene practices early in their life and teach them how to focus on prevention. This can keep many problems from even get started, which lowers your costs and the frequency of their visits to our office.

We have a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our office is designed to look more like an enchanted forest than a dental office, and will surely help put your child at ease.

Call us at 402-590-2018 and see just how great a dental experience can be.